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I’m afraid that the spam comments have gotten so bad that I’m going to have to enable comment moderation for this blog. I am going to moderation, starting tomorrow, because it’s taking nearly half an hour a day to delete the spam comments individually. With Blogger’s moderation feature, I can delete them all in a few seconds.

What does that mean for you, my lovely commenters? Well, your comments might not (will almost certainly not) appear immediately. (And they certainly won’t appear right above or below one hawking various dubious prescription drugs.) other than that, not much. (If you think your comment got mixed up with spam and erroneously deleted, email me, or just repost it.)

The dress A Day comments policy will remain as it always has: no spam, and no outrageous personal attacks. What’s an outrageous personal attack? That’s when someone says something horrible about either another commenter or someone who sent in their dress picture … not about me. As the blogger, I’m always fair game. If you want to say I’m a cast-iron beeyotch whose only taste is in her mouth — go for it! say that about somebody else, though, and the big red DELETE button gets pushed.

One more time — disallowed comments:

PERSONAL attack (on another commenter): “You’re stupid, and your mother dresses you funny. Oh, wait, you dressed YOURSELF?”

SPAM: “Hi! nice desing [sic]! check out my site [drug url redacted]!”

Allowed comments:

CONSIDERED ARGUMENT: “Your defense of the Peter pan collar is wildly in error.”

PERSONAL attack (on Erin): “Erin, I can’t believe they let you near a keyboard, much less a sewing machine. I wouldn’t let my dog wear that dress. Do us all a favor and drop dead.”

See? very simple.

But what does all this have to do with this gold Vera Wang dress? absolutely nothing. It’s just lovely to look at, and it has pockets! The pockets push this from “I can’t think of myself wearing that in a million years” to “I can’t think of myself wearing that in a thousand years.” (Even though it’s really lovely, I don’t have a gold lamé evening dress lifestyle. Not through lack of trying, though …) See the power of pockets? thanks to Ellie in London for sending it in!

[Why am I not using CAPTCHA? This is why. Why am I not switching to WordPress with all their anti-spam plugins and whatnot? because I’m damn lazy.]

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