Bazaar, While Bizarre, Still offers motivation

So the most recent problem of exposition is a bit on the bizarre side (can we please try not running long stories about the sex lives of rock stars or other stars for a while? You know, just as a modification of pace?) there was this gown in it, which I love.

This gown is from Callula Lillibelle—and while we’re speaking about moratoriums, I believe that names that evoke either the French Quarter demi-monde of the turn of the last century, or overly-petted pedigreed show dogs are getting a bit overused.

This gown was in the “Style at any type of Age” feature, in the 70+ section. I am always thrilled by the 70+ section, since it implies you frequently get a photo of Carmen Dell’Orefice, who is a goddess (according to Wikipedia, she roller-skated to modeling assignments to save the bus fare!), as well as likewise since I always believe “Cool, I have 30-some years to get around to using [whatever it is that catches my eye]”. Plus, they typically throw a low-heeled shoe in there as a sop to all their delicate osteoporotic readers. 

I would like to utilize a pattern such as this for my brown roses material — any type of recommendations for a similar vintage pattern would be much appreciated!


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