This is exactly how you get in difficulty

Never, ever, for the like of all that’s holy, really, THIS means YOU, state “oh, I’ll just search on eBay for a few minutes while I wait on those data to copy over.” Seriously. That’s exactly how you get into this type of trouble:

and this kind:

At least they were both from the exact same seller, vintage Peacock, so I saved a whopping $2.00 on shipping.

I swear, I can trawl eBay for hours looking for something specific, as well as turn up bupkis, however let me idly roam over for ten minutes while I should be doing something else, as well as things such as this autumn in my lap. The world is nothing if not perverse.

So: let me be a warning to you all. A grim, terrible, foreboding warning. Or, you know, an inspiration. You choose.

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