Holiday listmaking: Amphigorey once again

I’m believing about making a series of articles over the next couple weeks with tips of charming (as India has it) Ramakwanzachanamas presents. One book that I would believe any individual of any type of sensibility in any way would excitement to get would be Amphigorey Again, the current collection of Goreynalia (a posthumous one, which is strangely appropriate).

I mean, whose tastes DON’T run to morbid circumstances featuring beautifully dressed ectomorphs? Anyone? The gowns in the “Neglected Murderesses” series of postcards alone … those dames understood exactly how to dress, in addition to dispatch.

If you have tips for things you believe I should recommend, well, you all understand where my email address is by now, or you can leave a comment … I’ll try to do these in addition to the on a regular basis arranged Dresses, if I can.

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