Minimalistic desktop wallpapers

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desktop wallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpaperswallpapersI usually start my articles with the actual text, but this time, I think that the wallpapers speak for themselves. These desktop wallpapers are cute and basic and also have a special and kinda smart message. I like basic and smart things. With this wallpapers not only you will have a amazing graphics on your desktop, you will also have enough space for your icons and for all your crucial folders. I will personally use one of this wallpapers for my desktop, but for my laptop also. You can also find them, by clicking this link, and downloading them directly from the source given.
The thing about wallpapers is that they have a way in brightening up not only your computer, but chosen correctly, your day too. You can go to Wallbase for a lot more interesting wallpapers. I, personally would chose the ones with a great graphic drawing, but everyone with it’s own choices.

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