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So Lisa sent me a link to this dress/jacket combo on eBay, and I’m in love (click on the image to check out the auction) … but, of course, it’s not my size. (Is there a Sturgeon’s law of Internet vintage? Something like “90% of everything isn’t your size”?)

However, I can’t believe that this particular idea hasn’t occurred to me with any force before: the print bodice with the solid skirt. What a terrific way to use teeny yardages of lovely prints (while placating the naysayers who don’t want prints anywhere near their hips)! and you wouldn’t necessarily have to line the jacket with the same (fancy expensive) print; you could use a solid coordinating color. In fact, since jackets get so much less wear than skirts (at least for me) you could do a jacket lined with a color that coordinated with two dresses …

I can see this is going to need serious thought (and fabric shopping). I want to drop what I’m doing now and run right out to find the right pattern and fabric … I’m thinking simplicity 1510 would be a terrific option (although it doesn’t have a jacket, I have plenty of appropriate jacket patterns in my stash):

Of course, that one (on eBay, too, click on the image to check out the listing) isn’t in my size *either*, but I’m sure I have something similar somewhere. Not that I’m going to go rummage around and look for it now … really, I’m not. Honest.

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