Free Marble textures set – unlimited download

free Marble textures Set
There’s always a seasonal graphic obsession we go through that we cannot contain and which will resurface in many of our posts on the blog. As you may have noticed, we thoroughly enjoy the versatility of quality watercolor effects used in the right amount, in the right place.
But there is also another graphic effect that seems to be almost the norm, especially what product presentation is concerned. Marble textures have been introduced and particularly incorporated successfully into the also popular display of items seen from above, known as flatlay. The perspective allows you to showcase details and create a whole story around accessories, clothes, food and more. The fashion industry seems to have taken a fondness for marble textures, highlighting the tendency of flatlays towards minimalist design. now flatlay and marble finishes seem to go together, no matter the theme.
I dare you to browse Instagram with hashtags like #marbletexture, #marbleprint or #marbledesign,. You will be amazed how common it actually is to add a marbled detail. It gives everything a sense of luxury and opulence. A must have item if you must keep up with the trends.
Which is why it’s great news to see a free marble texture set offered by graphic Loot in collaboration with Freepik. It’s one of those freebies that you can also use for commercial purposes, with the sole requirement to credit for the material. the most popular and most effective is a monochrome marble texture but you can edit this one with in any color you need. The files are available in .EPS and . JPG formats and are yours for the taking!

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