I’m Not Dead

just crazy-busy, unlike the women in this pattern illustration:

I feel that these ladies, if not women of absolute leisure, spend their copious complimentary time in those stereotypical pursuits of reading novels as well as eating bon-bons. Plus, hairstyles like the ones right here need incredible maintenance as well as make me believe that the most strenuous thing they do all the time is put up with pudgy, sweaty guy winking at them as well as calling them “Sugar.”

That hair just doesn’t state “day job” to me. Unless you’re Dolly Parton, in which situation you get to phone call other people “Sugar,” while working three times as difficult as any individual else in heels three times as high. That lady amazes me. (And her singin’ ain’t bad, neither.)

Do I noise jealous of these women on the pattern envelope? I may be, however only of the ruffles. I covet those ruffles. (And perhaps the bon-bons. I’ve been in California a MONTH as well as have had NO See’s Candies. That’s just wrong.)

If you believe this gown would magically transform you into such a creature, you’re in luck, since Wendy at PatternStash is using 20% off whatever today as well as tomorrow. You can utilize the money you save for a lot more bon-bons. (Or a fall. Whichever.)

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