One size Fits What?

thanks to Ronica, who sent this to me, puzzled that this dress (the vintage inspired garden Dress, in case the picture-link doesn’t work and you have to search the site) is marked as “One size Fits All”. Obviously, this is another case of “One size Fits All (the designer’s friends)” or ” … All (the people we deign to buzz through the door of the boutique)” or ” … All (the people dumb enough to click ‘add to cart’ without getting any proper measurements)”. This may also explain why the dress is marked down to $102.40 from $256. and why there are no customer reviews or comments about it.

I like both of these fabrics and the sash, but I’m not sure I like them together. I mean, if it were a couch in the skirt fabric and throw pillows in the bodice fabric, yeah, that would be a pretty nice combo. but this just says to me that somebody had just enough of each of these fabrics to run up this one dress!

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