The family gets bigger- we present you the newest member brother GTX600

nobody can deny that when it pertains to the most flexible print-on-demand industry resources, brother is no 1.  incredibly versatile and suitable for mass production, we are delighted to share with you that the family is expanding with the brand new brother GTX600. The product will be available from January 2022.
We are talking about a new bulk maker that is setting new standards and that is easy to operate.
Let`s talk about some facts
Brother GTX600- built for industrial-level performance
For your t-shirt pod business, you need equipment that you can rely on 100%, for sure. That indicates that meet the dual challenges of premium design reproduction and industrial level activity. To keep the ink in a print-ready state, the GTX600 has ink recirculation in four crucial areas. brother developed 16 ink channels jetting from staggered, industrial print heads with internal cooling fans, for continuous print operation. Moreover, the ink is regularly filtered and degassed to guarantee the best possible print quality. That indicates up to 1200dpi. The built-in humidifier makes sure that the maker has always best working conditions, even in tough environments.
Leading performance for a better future
The GTX600 can be used with different platens for limitless creative possibilities. The platens are swiftly changeable, to save crucial time. Also, the printing speed and fast operations increased. The automobile cleaning frequency is much less than any printer before, which indicates a lot more productivity.
Sustainability is an crucial issue and we at brother want to do our part by using options that limit the environmental impact. With the wet capping and inside ink print head circulating technology, ink waste gets reduced. The inks are available in 9l and 18l tanks, to help minimize packaging waste. The inks are water-based, furthermore, GOTS6 approved and Oekotex passport certified and as a result eco-friendly. As well, GTX600 has a built-in mist filter, which makes sure a safe working environment for the operator. So,  the new brother GTX600 is a mass-production maker that also helps to minimize the pollution of the environment.
We credit scores all this to Brother`s a lot more than 15 years of experience in garment printing, their close exchange with customers, and their continuous appetite for innovation. and we genuinely appreciate their creativity in adapting and bringing the best solutions, not only for their customers but for a better tomorrow.

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