Standing Out While Ostensibly Blending In

There’s only a couple of days left in this auction, so get on the stick, people! (This is one more gown suggested by msbelle — say thanks to you!) I like this print so very, extremely much. The seller phone calls it “camo” however unless you’re standing in front of a wall of 1960s shower room tile, I’m not sure exactly how well you’re going to blend in.

An aside: I like camo print. I really, truly do. I like to make the girliest stuff out of it. (I have a camouflage circle skirt, for instance.) It fits my rather literal ironic sense. as well as I understand that there was trend of girly camo a year or so back however I Don’t Care. I have ideal now, waiting to be sewn, three lawns of pink camo jersey knit. as well as I have a pink silk camo bias gown waiting on me to get the Goddamn Zipper ideal Already. that a person may requirement a “fixer.” Anyway. This isn’t camo, however it’s close, as well as I like it.

The seller states the buttons requirement replacing. I’m believing it would be charming with transparent brown buttons, largish. matching the brown in the print, of course.

Again: what are you waiting for? I’d get it myself if it weren’t on the largish side. (B41/W32). It’s only $20 as well as there are no bids yet!

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