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So, who wants a stitching machine? I’m providing one away … This singer Stylist 834 was the very first maker I gotten for myself, with my own money (actually, with the very first genuine paycheck I ever got!) … I’m trying not to be emotional about this (because I truly requirement to get rid of some STUFF) however I *would* like it to go to a great home. So instead of Freecycling or Craigslisting it, I believed I’d try right here first.

It’s FREE, however there are a few caveats:

— the timing’s off, so it needs a see to the repair work shop before you’ll be able to utilize it. Luckily, the sticker on the maker will tell you where to go. Last time I took it in, the tuneup expense $80.

— you have to be able to pick it up, right here in Chicago … I won’t ship it. This sucker’s HEAVY. It does, however, have a bring case. You have to pick it up before July 15 — I’ve provided myself two weeks to provide this away.

— I believe I have the manual. Somewhere. I’ll try to dig it up. I likewise have some additional feet for it, however heaven only understands WHICH feet, as well as WHERE. They will likewise be the target of some sewing-room archaeology.

I made a great deal of clothes with this machine, as well as I believe it’s still great for a couple years’ a lot more sewing, if you don’t do anything rough (like making denim or canvas bags). It’s basic to utilize (even without the manual) as well as friendly for beginners.

If you want this machine, email me (the email address is over there, on the right, towards the bottom of this page) as well as we’ll work out the details.

In addition: I am selling my serger. (I truly don’t utilize it, as well as I’d rather utilize that area for a lot more material or as a area for the singer Red-Eye machine, instead.) Serger status: sold.

Also: does any individual do any type of crafting with circuit boards? I just came across a stock of old etherlink cards … if you want ’em, email me. Those are truly light, so I’m delighted to ship them. Now, like my innocence, circuit boards gone.

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