23 incredible benefits Of Witch Hazel For Your Skin

ever wondered what people used thousands of years back on their skin? There were hardly any commercial products. That was an era when there was nothing best than ‘nature’ when it pertained to grooming skin. It still is today and shall remain tomorrow. One such time-honored medicinal plant is Witch Hazel (WH). This blog is dedicated to introducing you to the limitless benefits of Witch Hazel.
What is Witch Hazel?
Native to north america and Asia (some parts, not whole) is Witch hazel. The bark and leaves of this plant come into use as an astringent; which indicates ‘a lovely’ goodbye to acne, blisters, insect bites, poison ivy, inflammation and much more.

Did you know, Witch Hazel is also called Winterbloom? Such is its usage value that witch hazel is widely used in a large range of appeal and medicinal products – for eg., anti-aging serums, shaving cream, aftershave, bug repellent, nail treatments, hemorroid products, and shampoo, you name it.
Come, let us step into the ‘world of witch hazel’ and explore its efficiency.
Here are the benefits and uses Of Witch Hazel For Skin:
This “witch” is good. Not the one we read in fairy tales, but the one which is nature’s best remedy in medicine and healing.

Witch hazel is a “miracle in a bottle”. It tightens skin pores, cleanses skin, removes excess of oils and is total relief for sore skin. We will go step by step.
1. natural Astringent
‘Pore tightening’ is very crucial to get clear skin. Witch hazel has surplus of tannins in its bark and leaves. This helps remove excess of oil/dirt/bacteria from skin and shrink down ‘open’ pores, making it an effective natural astringent.

What all you need: Witch hazel toner, cotton pad

Wash your face with a good face cleanser

Pat your skin dry

Now soak a cotton pad in witch hazel toner (go for one which has NO ALCOHOL)

Pat it on your face

Follow it up by using moisturizer (so that there is no dryness)

2. Soothe Body Rash
Body rashes can be quite a discomfort to the patient. Itchiness can be quite irritating. Witch hazel forms a protective layer on the lesions on skin, which thereby helps in healing of the skin, Camiseta Santos Laguna by killing bacteria inside the skin rashes.
What all you need: Witch hazel, cotton ball

Pour the required amount of witch hazel in a small bowl

Mix in the gel of aloe vera.

Soak cotton balls in it

Now dab it on your ‘sun-burnt skin’ in buy to experience relief

4. No a lot more Itchy Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema
“Anti-Itch”. This is what WH is. The witch hazel is effective in treating itchy skin and eczema to psoriasis. thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps you say goodbye to pesky skin problems like itching, dryness, redness.
What all you need: Witch Camiseta Kashima Antlers hazel toner
Cleanse your face first

Then apply WH toner on the parched and irritated skin

For ‘severe’ cases, combine neem oil (repels bugs and relieves pain) and witch hazel extract

5. No a lot more Puffy Eyes (Refreshes worn out Eyes)
Whether it is under eye circles or eye bags, fine lines or redness, get your eyes to be ever fresh and glowing with WH.
What all you need: Witch Hazel, cotton balls
Soak cotton balls in witch hazel Camiseta Paris Saint-Germain (remember, its a natural astringent)

Place them on your worn out eyes for 5 minutes

6. A great follow Up post Hair Removal
Got hair on your face or chin? Don’t want the whole world to say your “face is hairy”. get rid of this hairy prob., when you have witch hazel by your side.
What all you need: Witch hazel must be sufficient
Once you are through with waxing, apply a few drops of WH on your waxed skin on face

Do none of the following 24 hours after your hair removal: use face wash, moisturizer and makeup

Source: lionesse.org7. treats Acne and Pimples
Acne-fighter! This is what Witch hazel is. WH has flavonoids, and resins which give it the anti-inflammatory edge, plus calming properties on skin.
What all you need: Witch hazel (distilled), Glycerin and Aqua (optional), cotton swab
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl

Dip a cotton swab in the treated liquid

Apply it on acne scars and pimples twice a day (or more, depending on the severity of acne/pimples)

Tip: before using witch hazel for acne and zits, refrigerate it. The cold aspect will minimize the pimples’ redness and size.
Source: wisegeek8. Moisturizes Skin
When it pertains to dry skin and you need to moisturize it badly, choose alcohol-free WH! (or else alcohol can be irritating for dry skin).
What all you need: just Witch Hazel!
To get cleaned and refreshed skin, apply witch hazel extract

It will nourish your dry skin with moisture (and plenty of it), thereby stopping your skin from drying up

9. Heals Bruises
Got caught in a brawl with your friends, neighbors (or strangers) and got hurt? how to get rid of nasty bruises? thank God…there’s Witch hazel!
What all you need: just WH
Clean your bruised skinnullnull

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