LADY PINK-grafitti art

lady pink was born Sandra Fabara,Ecuator,but she was raised in Queens -New York and she started writing graffiti while she was a student at High school of Art and Design.
Pink aka lady Pink is one of the most world renown female Graffiti artist .As a big name her work has been displayed at the Whitney museum ,Metropolitan museum of Art and the Bronx museum of the Arts.If you grew up in the graffiti culture you already know for sure about her and her spouse Smith of RIS crew do murals together as PinkSmith.
Down here you have some  picture of her terrific art:

Pink organizes mural painting to chanel artists into positive art.
Even lady Pink have come above ground her roots and connections are still on the streets.She is one of the brave female competing whit men from graffiti subculture and a lot more reasons to love her is that she opened new doors for female in this graffiti culture.
Sandra Fabara: “ It was my first boyfriend’s idea to write graffiti. He was arrested for writing graffiti an d then went to go live in Puerto Rico. So I started writing his graffiti name for him around the school. I fell in love with the adventure and thrill. “

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